Finding Motivation to Work Hard

Work ethic is the idea that there is value to applying your effort to a task as best as you can. By working hard, you make the most of the time you have to help contribute to society. However, as a teenager, work can often seem like drudgery that uses up your free time. What good is bagging groceries or stocking shelves? You already spend six or seven hours a day at school, and then a few more on homework. The motivation is supposed to be the money you’re paid, but minimum wage doesn’t go very far, even as a high school student. You might ask yourself, “What’s the point? What makes work good?”

To answer this question, imagine supporting yourself as a person in prehistoric times. It’s just you and the wilderness. To survive, you need to hunt for clothing and food. You also have to gather materials for shelter. Between hunting, gathering, cooking and preparing clothing, every day requires lots of effort and is extremely busy. However, your actions are directly related to your survival ¾ pretty good motivation to keep going and maybe even enjoy your work.worker taking inventory of products

Suppose then, that you eventually encounter two other individuals whom you determine to be friendly. The three of you quickly figure out that by working together, each of you can focus your attention on one or two tasks. One gathers supplies and builds the shelter, another prepares clothing and food, and the third spends the day hunting. Each of you grows increasingly effective at the work you do to support the other two. Soon enough, the three of you are no longer struggling, but have more than you need!

In this same manner, over thousands of years, people have worked together more and more to solve the problems of our survival. Slowly, we’ve managed to do more than just master our surroundings; we’ve begun to thrive! Much of the work we do now is no longer to simply feed or clothe ourselves, but to pursue science, art or other high ideals.

However, there are still problems in the world, like hunger, disease and pollution. These require hard work to solve. Right now, there are scientists, doctors and other professionals who are trying to solve these issues so that ever more people can live a good life. But when those professionals visit the grocery store, they need to be able to quickly find what they’re looking for and carry it out of the store; otherwise they’d have less time to solve problems!

By working hard at whatever job you have now, you’re indirectly helping to support society and solve its problems. As you get older, a reputation as a hard worker will prove your worthiness to spend your time on more important responsibilities so that everyone’s life can improve.